The Design Panopticon in Berlin

Last week some friends and I went to a photography workshop in a small independent museum in Berlin. Here is what I came up with!




Wildlife in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an incredibly biodiverse island. It’s now become famous for the waters which surround it, which are home to whales, turtles, dolphins… just to name a few! But¬†above land is biologically rich too! Here are some friends I made ūüôā

crow and bicycle

I saw this guy everywhere. I mean, not this particular guy but his species, the crow, everywhere. It was unexpected to be honest, crows not being top of my list of expectations for tropical islands. I was thinking maybe parrots, birds of paradise, birds with colours. But there they are. And in what numbers! This little guy was hanging out by the fish market in Point Pedro, waiting for left overs.

toque macaque

Second most common must have been these monkeys. The toque macaque is everywhere on this island! Cheeky guys too and not just a little scary when they bare their teeth. These guys I found hanging around in Dambulla, a very sacred spot in Sri Lanka. There are over 150 Buddha statues spread out in 5 different caves, which date back to the first century BC. Not sure the monkeys are there to venerate him though.



Like¬†many other countries, Sri Lanka has a lot of stray dogs. This little flea ridden pup I found on my way to Delft island, the island seemingly made of coral. We quickly became friends, he was just too adorable and so playful. I definitely would have taken him home if I could… but then, I would have taken home a lot of¬†pets by now if airplane¬†regulations were more relaxed. Perhaps it’s a good thing they aren’t. I hope you’re doing ok, little dude.

grey langurs

These grey langurs are not as common as the toque macaques, but there are still plenty about. These guys were running amok in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka’s capital from the 4th century BC to the 11th century AD. If you ever get the chance to go, I can’t recommend it enough. The ruins are huge, I¬†cycled around them all day feeling like a female Indiana Jones with an SLR. I particularly loved the northern area, where the road gives way to jungle and you can get completely lost in among the old buildings, pools¬†and local wildlife.¬†Do stay away from the monkeys though, they bite ūüėČ


Last, but by no means least were the elephants. Elephants have been part of Sri Lanka since time began, they are native to the island and an important part of customs and traditions here. They aren’t so¬†common in populated areas, in fact, to see these guys I did a safari near Polonnaruwa in Kaudulla national park. Whilst I also saw storks, eagles, wild peacocks, monkeys, water buffalo and many others, these guys stole the show. I mean, just look at those schnozzles!

Lastly, I did of course edit all of these pictures when I got home. I processed the RAW files, opening up shadows, determining the warmth I wanted in the pictures, white balance, etc. Then I added gradients and subtle vignetting. Though the editing was relatively similar for each image, as the light conditions and settings varied a lot when I was taking the pictures, the end effects are quite different.


Visitors in a Faraway Land

Whilst in Wadi Rum, not only did I sleep out under the open sky, under such an amazingly clear night sky I lost track of the amount of shooting stars I saw, but I also met some fantastic characters.

My heartfelt thanks go to Mohammed, our Bedouin guide and friend, who never failed to remind us to “think of the future”. In his company and rather rambunctiously¬†transported by his old jeep, we explored¬†this vast red desert. We were also lucky enough to share tea and stories with his friends and meet fellow local visitors, happy to spend a few hours in this beautiful place.

It is quite wonderful to see that the desert is still treasured today, by such a broad range of people. That said though, it is sad that the traditional way of life is dying out among Bedouins. It is easy to understand, the modern world offers many more lucrative and glamorous careers than goat herding, not to mention that nomadic lifestyles dwindle wherever capitalism and western values take root. However, perhaps there is some way to combine the best of both worlds. We can ever hope.




An Evening in the Desert

I was in Jordan recently and spent a wonderful night in the desert, telling stories and singing songs with bedouins. The desert is called Wadi Rum, which interestingly enough, is also where Lawrence of Arabia lived. If you ever go to Jordan, make sure you visit. It was such an amazing evening!

In terms of image editing, I wanted to keep these pictures quite simple. I wanted the eye to be drawn to the important features in the picture instead of being distracted by details. So I spent most of my time cutting out extraneous details and trying to clarify the story I wanted to tell.





The Flowers in my Great Uncle’s Garden

Rest in Peace.

Sep Flowers1

Sep Flowers 2 copy

Sep Flowers3 copy



1. May in Berlin

The first of May is always chaos in Berlin. Police get flown in from all parts of Germany to try and control it, but historically this has only ever antagonised this city of wild children. The¬†punks and rebels¬†dressed in black provoke¬†the police, bottles get thrown, police get heavy, the party kids hang just out of the way¬†of the wandering demonstrations, all the while playing music and drinking from make shift drink stands which pop up on every corner. And who can blame them, it is a really fun day as long as you stay out of trouble (or not… if that’s what you’re into) and the weather was beautiful.

As I live in the centre of Kreuzberg, the beating heart of mayhem, it was important for me to get back home before dark. Normally, I don’t have a curfew, especially not one that begins with nightfall. But on this day it’s important as the demonstrators will battle wills, as they do every year, against the police and if I get caught on the wrong side of that picket line chances are strong that I will either get pepper sprayed in the face or I won’t be able to¬†get home. That point was driven home for me as after I got home I looked out of my window to see a battle line of police and furiously barking dogs, refusing to let anyone pass down my street.

1Mai cyclist

1Mai couple

1Mai legs

1Mai Sunset


The Paper Island in K√łbenhavn

Last weekend I went to see some wonderful friends in Copenhagen. Amongst all the chats over coffee and wine, cycling and¬†getting lost, theatre, walks¬†and other general lovely times, we also went out for lunch at the food market on Papier√łen (Paper Island).

It’s got a huge selection of food, from pad thai to pulled duck burgers and it’s packed at weekends. So not only can you get your fill of food, it’s also a great spot for people watching. Plus it’s¬†on a tiny island, surrounded by water. Super cute.

I wasn’t originally planning on doing anything black and white with these pictures. But I when I searched google for great (street) photography images, it seems like that’s a pretty popular route to go down. And after playing around a bit, I feel like it really¬†works! All that drama, contrast, chiaroscuro… yum. Almost as good as the food ūüėČ

bar food market cph

girl food mark cph

boat cph