A little Greek cat

Coming from a home with an abundance of cats, I can’t help but love them. All independent bundles of fierce, cute, furriness, I just want to be friends with all of them. All. Of. Them. So Greece was wonderful in that way. Cats everywhere and cuddles abounding.

There is a darker side, however, A lot of these cats are strays and not all of them are in the healthiest of conditions. I saw an older woman feeding the strays on one of the islands, which I thought was lovely but I’m sure many cats are not so fortunate. There is even a rumour that the Greek government had so many stray cats and dogs, they had a campaign to poison them in order to clean up the streets for the Olympics in 2004. Horrible, I know! If you click on this link you can read more about it and also find out where you can donate and help take care of our little furry friends.



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