Split Tone Transport in Sri Lanka

So, my favourite form of transport in Sri Lanka has to be the train. Not just there, to be honest, anywhere. I love train rides. To me they are the most romantic form of transport. I love this slow, languid type of travel, it has this quality that you just don’t get with aeroplanes or cars, it’s almost like stepping into a book. I love how you get to see the world rushing by, people going about their daily business, all whilst in a chair with a good read, perhaps some music on your mp3 or some good company. And whilst I did read a lot on those long and slow journeys, I also met some interesting and very friendly Sri Lankans. I met a head nun on the way back from Kandy and we shared biscuits and impressions of Germany and on my journey to Jaffna, I sat with some university students who helped me try local snacks being sold by street food vendors on the train. Lovely times!

Anyway, as well as the trains there were also plenty of bicycles and even a boat or two I got to travel by. By the way, the guys holding umbrellas on the boat are not doing so because of freak rainstorms, they’re doing it to protect themselves from the scorching sun. It’s really strong out there on the ocean! There were plenty of cars, buses, mopeds and tuk tuks too, but they seemed a little too mundane to take pictures of. I even got to drive a tuk tuk! But that’s probably more than enough of my transport related stories…

I edited these pictures using black and white split tone effect. I know that I have experimented with this before, but never using the raw image processing feature in photoshop. I have been using this more and more as there is just so much more detail and nuance in raw images. After all the regular work I do for raw images, I carefully selected the greyscale mix, adding colour hues for the shadows and highlights, some selective brush work to draw focus to particular areas in the images and then finally cropping. To add even more depth I then played with the levels and in some even did a little stamp/corrective work.

homeless bus shelter

man on train

the umbrellas


man and boat



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