Visitors in a Faraway Land

Whilst in Wadi Rum, not only did I sleep out under the open sky, under such an amazingly clear night sky I lost track of the amount of shooting stars I saw, but I also met some fantastic characters.

My heartfelt thanks go to Mohammed, our Bedouin guide and friend, who never failed to remind us to “think of the future”. In his company and rather rambunctiously transported by his old jeep, we explored this vast red desert. We were also lucky enough to share tea and stories with his friends and meet fellow local visitors, happy to spend a few hours in this beautiful place.

It is quite wonderful to see that the desert is still treasured today, by such a broad range of people. That said though, it is sad that the traditional way of life is dying out among Bedouins. It is easy to understand, the modern world offers many more lucrative and glamorous careers than goat herding, not to mention that nomadic lifestyles dwindle wherever capitalism and western values take root. However, perhaps there is some way to combine the best of both worlds. We can ever hope.





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