¡Viva Cuba!

Cuba has been a mixed bundle of emotions. From meeting some of the most wonderful and hospitable families I’ve ever met, to having to deal with some of the most overzealous and persistent men, it seems like a country with a huge breadth of human emotions. At the very least, you can say that these people care. They are warm. To a fault 😉

Here are the two photos for me, that best sum up my trip. The first is from Trinidad. There I stayed with a wonderful family, whose little girl had the most beautiful eyes and inquisitive nature. She really loved to play with the camera, (I truly hope to see her photographs in a gallery one day!) and her family were the kindest I met in my entire trip.

The second is from Havana, where I spent what seems like an eternity people watching and exploring the streets. You see so many contradictions there, so many larger than life characters, so many kind people, so many desperate people, so many people just trying to make ends meet. It’s a definite eye opener and more than a little intense at times. The juxtaposition of the dalmatian and the zebra caught my eye and somehow sums up the coexistence of so many different colours, derelict structures and characters.

Cuba Trinidad Girl


zebra dog.jpg




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