Speicherstadt in Hamburg

I recently went to visit one of my very good friends in Hamburg. It’s a lovely port city in the north of Germany, with lots of history and charm to boot. Speicherstadt (meaning ‘save town’), where these pictures were taken, is on the UNESCO list and it’s easy to see why. These distinctive buildings were created around 1883. At this time Germany had only recently become a country and needed somewhere to process imports. Historically Hamburg had been a tax free haven, but it was decided Hamburg should also be the site for customs’ imports and so space needed to be designated for both of these trades. A new place was decided upon for toll-free imports and for this purpose, Speicherstadt was built. Merchant ships would come in on the waterways, then unload and store their cargo in these brick buildings. Processing of goods would take place on the ground floor, which was occasionally prone to flooding due to rising water levels and therefore unsuitable for warehouse purposes, finally to be ready for transport to end destinations in Germany.

I took my photos in raw format, and in my post production I really wanted to get better acquainted with raw image processing tools. There are just so many possibilities! I wanted to start with the basics; some sharpening, noise reduction, exposure gradient adjustments and the like. I added a little colour correction later, but other than that everything you see was done with the power of raw image processing. Nifty, eh?

Hamburg Speicherstadt 1

Hamburg Speicherstad 2_2.jpg


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