Playing with Light and Model Ships

This weekend, I spent the day at the Technikmuseum (technology museum) in Berlin. It’s a really cool space, which I’d been to once before for work, but hadn’t managed to see everything. So this weekend, as the government had opened up the national museums and galleries to the public in thanks for their help with the refugee crisis, I thought I would go back with my camera.

In the shipping section, there is a small corner devoted to ships in bottles. Fitting ships into impossibly small necked bottles is a tradition which apparently began with sailors in the eighteenth century, as they needed a hobby to help them while away long hours on the ship and bottles were in plentiful supply. The little ships in this museum, are kept in circular display cases with fluorescent lighting running all along the sides, which I thought would make for an interesting picture.

In post processing, the fluorescent light threw a lot of reflections, which had to be tidied up. It’s pretty time consuming to heal and stamp away all those little areas. If I had had more time, I probably would have tried harder to to take pictures from angles which wouldn’t throw back so many messy reflections. I’m not entirely sure it would be possible though. I also added some colour correction, my favourite retro gradient, adjusted saturation and a couple more steps. Let me know what you think!




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