Prague in Sepia

Prague is a famously historic city and as such, it’s architecture seems to suit a more old fashioned photographic style. Added to this, the time I spent there was nothing but cloudy, so sepia seemed like the trick to play with 😉

I wanted to show you some of the classics in Prague, so naturally I had to take pictures of bridges, including, of course, the infamous Charles bridge. It was completed in 1402 and is the oldest bridge in the capital, decorated with the statues of some 30 Saints. Interestingly enough, it also has a numerical palindrome carved into it’s side, documenting exactly when the first stone was laid and work began. The date and time was said to be auspicious at the time by astrologers, and whether you believe in that sort of thing or not, you can’t deny that the bridge is still standing strong to this day.

Another classic of a different sort, is the trdelnik. You’ll find stalls selling these sweet pastries all over the city. It’s a Bohemian classic, though some sources say it’s even older, allegedly brought to the Czech Republic by a Hungarian general back in the days of the Austro-Hungarian empire. Funnily enough though, the tasty treat had all but died out. Older generations don’t remember it at all. But some whizz kid found the recipe and brought it back to life, and thanks to them we can all enjoy a modern version of this old treat today.

IMGP4736 sepia




2 thoughts on “Prague in Sepia

  1. I enjoyed reading about the history of Prague, and love to look at old buildings. I’m not sure anything built today would last as long as that bridge has lasted. The sepia tone for the photos are wonderful! 🙂


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