Danish Dunes (in Colour)

Unbeknownst to me before my trip, the northern tip of Jutland in Denmark is gradually being eaten away by sand dunes. These rolling waves of sand have eaten villages, lighthouses, churches and more. Though the Danes have implemented various methods to counteract the dunes, they still keep slowly rolling, burying everything in their wake.

Whilst this was one of the times I probably should have held back from taking pictures, as sand is notoriously damaging to camera lenses, I just couldn’t resist. Though my lens is probably now scarred for life, I think the pictures came out beautifully. I feel like I can see the desert in these pictures, which is just what it felt like when I was there.

In post processing, I edited out the scratches on my lens and flying sand particles and applied my favourite gradient. I also experimented more with raw processing, exposure alteration, highlights, etc. Sometimes I feel this tool is just too powerful! Naturally there was a fair bit of colour correction too.


lighthouse-dunes (1) copy

Dunes by Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse


skagen-dunes copy.jpg

The dunes just north of Skagen


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