Roadtrippin’ and Paints

I was only on the road for about a week this time, but I was treated to some great scenery and soft lights in Scandinavia. Most of these pictures are taken on the road, but I couldn’t help snapping away (contrary to all wise photographerly wisdom I have heard about needing to stop the car to take pictures and not to take pictures though windows).

I am not sure where exactly the idea came from to turn the photos into paintings. It might have been a friend who said that the photos looked like paintings, or it could have been the magical light in Skagen, Denmark, that has supposedly inspired painters for generations. Who knows. The latter sounds more romantic, though I suspect the former. But I did keep some of those painters in mind when I was thinking about which kind of style and brush strokes I wanted to emulate.


painterly-countryside-2 copy

Southern Sweden, car photography

painterly-skagen copy.jpg

Just outside Skagen. I like to think this picture was taken at about the same spot as Carl Locher’s “The Mail Coach” was drawn, I suspect that’s further south though.

sunset-as-entering-sweden copy.jpg

Sweden, on the motorway heading towards Göteborg.

sunset-as-leaving-sweden copy.jpg

Through ferry window, between Göteborg, Sweden and Frederikshavn, Denmark.

train-tracks-skagen copy

Train tracks outside Skagen, Denmark.


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