Graffiti in the Capital

Montevideo has some great things going for it, a vibrant night life, delicious food, great people, an egalitarian and progressive president, a beach, great architecture and some very talented graffiti-ists. I loved it!

These photos are taken in various spots throughout the city. I am not sure who the artists are, but if anyone can tell me I would love to give them the credit they deserve. In my editing I added a matte effect (you can find a tutorial at Photography Planet) and some colour gradients. I just can’t get enough of those hues πŸ™‚

Banco de la Republica o del Uruguay

This picture was taken during the New Years celebrations, when people throw calendar pages from tall buildings, that’s what all those white specks are πŸ˜‰ The graffiti with girl in blue has a tag saying Chile 2012, sadly I can’t make out the artist’s name. Next to it is a piece by Ses, 2012.


Lucky fish – so cute!imgp0737.jpg

The Anchor – just look at all those scrumptious triangles! Yum πŸ™‚imgp0749.jpg


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