Back to Buenos Aires (and my travels)

I try not to overdo it with black and white. Not because I don’t like black and white imagery, but I find it can be quite powerful and really hone in on the composition and subject matter of the photo. That doesn’t always work to your advantage 😉

I used black and white in this image though, because I wanted to emphasize the composition. I love the lines of the steps leading up to the monument and the drama of the alluded movement in the figure on the horse.

Incidentally, I also did a little research on this statue. It is called “Monument to General Carlos M. de Alvear” by Antoine Bourdelle and took 10 years to complete! You can find it in Plaza Julio de Caro, Recoleta. General Carlos Maria de Alvear is considered a hero of the Argentine war for independence against the Spanish and the Cisplatine war against Brazil.



11 thoughts on “Back to Buenos Aires (and my travels)

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