The Flawless Man

Hey guys! I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last post, I’m now back in Berlin and job hunting, so everything has been a little hectic. But, not to fear, the blog shall continue! In fact, I still have about half a years worth of photos from my trip to get through, so, I had best get cracking. So, without further ado…

After Bariloche, I decided to go back to Buenos Aires for a bit of rest and relaxation. I stayed with a friend of mine, a little outside the main tourist area, where life is a more relaxed. During this time I also got myself a new camera, a robust looking Pentax K-30, which I took with me on a trip to the cafe life in San Isidro, along with my boyfriend. Here is one of my first pictures with the lovely new camera.

It’s not often I take portrait pictures, especially not this close up. But with this photo I thought it would be interesting to look at retouching skin. In the past I have retouched faces, but the corrections I make are usually relatively minor. A little colour correction here, a little spot healing brush there and I’m generally happy. I usually quite like skin that is “imperfect.” But that doesn’t mean that knowing more advanced techniques isn’t useful and doesn’t have a time and a place. So in this picture I looked in detail at how to alter skin blemishes and tone, from airbrushing to colour channels, to some excruciatingly small detail work with dodging and burning. Here you can see the various stages:



After skin and colour correction:

Mark 6




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