Dreaming of 7 Lakes

The scenery is pretty spectacular in the Bariloche area, and one of the best ways to see even more of the landscape is to rent a car and take a drive around. There is a famous route called the 7 Lakes, which takes you all the way up to San Martin via, you guessed it, 7 lakes. It then takes you back down to Bariloche via a national park with natural stone cathedrals. So it is pretty much ticking all the boxes in terms of landscapes. It also happens to be the same 7 lakes that Che Guevara drove through on his (not so-) trusty Poderosa, ummm, can you guess who was reading the Motorcycle Diaries at the time? So, it’s worth seeing for a slice of history as well.

In terms of editing, I thought I’d try something a bit different. I wanted to try out this dreamy, sunny, washed out effect. The weather was lovely on the trip, don’t get me wrong, but it definitely wasn’t as sun drenched as my pictures here! To get my pictures looking like this involved a lot of layers and different layer modes, with different colour washes, bokeh and sun flares. Enjoy!






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