Cross Processing the Abandoned Hotel

On the bike ride around Bariloche in my last post, I happened to see an abandoned looking building off the main road. I have always loved looking around old buildings, especially the falling down kind, so a couple of days later I went back, smuggled myself in and took what can only be described as far too many pictures.

I decided to imitate cross processing in my editing of these pictures, as it’s a pretty cool effect that has been around for a while and is still quite popular today. It has an interesting over-saturated look, with a bit too much contrast and often ends up looking a bit blown out and a bit orange. Well, at least, modern editing techniques tend to make them look this way. The old process was apparently a lot more unpredictable. Photographers would develop a set of negatives with a solution meant for a different kind of film, so unless they had tried that particular combination before they would simply hope for the best that their pictures would come out well. Understandably, the entire process was discovered by mistake.








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