A Bicycle Ride in Half-Sepia

After El Chalten, I took a long bus ride heading up to Bariloche. It was Summer at the time in Argentina (though that means it was Winter in the Northern hemisphere), and it was warm and beautiful. I had met some nice people and we decided to rent some bicycles and go for a ride around the countryside. It was a great decision! The sun was out, the flowers were making the most of it, and there were these yellow flowers in particular that seemed to be waiting for us around every turn, staring at us in summertime hues. It was gorgeous.

Whilst playing around with different editing styles for these pictures, I came across a style called half sepia. This means that half the picture, either the light or the dark half, is turned monochromatic and treated with a sepia effect. It turned out that this was a great effect for highly saturated images like mine, and gave my pictures an interesting, vintage feel.





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