Actions in Perito Moreno

After the strenuous hiking in Torres del Paine, I decided to go to El Calafate for some more relaxing sightseeing. I hopped across the border back into Argentina on the bus, found myself a nice hostel and settled down for the night. The day after, I went to see one of Patagonia’s only 3 growing glaciers. The glacier is immense, at a whopping 5 km in length, it’s very impressive. And the sounds it makes as the ice shelf grows is incredible, you can literally hear the ice moving!

Here are some of the pictures I took, and with the help of some seasonal Photoshop actions, courtesy of Tom Anders, and a little tweaking from me, they came out quite nicely. I experimented with the Blizzard, fitting I thought for a moving glacier. There are plenty more actions though, which I’ll experiment with later.





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